Ben has been awesome. I would recommend him to anyone having difficulty. He is very patient, thorough, knowledgable, and persistent. I’m very happy with Bluerim services..
- Robert
- Hiba
Quick, fast, and easy, just how a brothel should be. Thanks!
- Charles
Patient, thorough and most helpful. Couldn't ask for more. Helped us and solved our issues. Thanks, Joseph & Julie
- Julie
Very helpful and generous!
- Winston
Very quick response. Good job
- Sammy
Blue Rim Network has fantastic service!
- Lindsay
I was having equipment connection issues and the rep I spoke with did a really wonderful job of troubleshooting the issue for me. I really appreciate his diligence and working to resolve the issue, even though it turned out to be actual equipment problems and not service
- Patricia
Very fast response, thank you!
- Aaron
- 関根正樹
Simon was a great help and answered all my questions!
- Christine
Quick to respond and took great care of my needs! Thank you!
- Danny
Thank you for responding so quickly.
- Kayla
Very fast and supportive. Thank you!
- Danny
Fantastic service 100% positive
- Adam
Great and fast service. Definitely satisfied
- Jiahao
Very diligent follow-up in resolving my internet problems.
- Brenton
Great customer service. Always friendly and helpful. Love the staff.
- Deadra
Great follow up!
- Christa
the last person who worked with me fixe my problem did a out standing than you
- Philip
I was pleased that a representative reached out to me to address my issue and to follow up on the issue
- Virginia
Brant, Thank you!!
- Maximo
Super service
- Karen
Fast response and quick fix to be able to get back onto my portal! Whoo!
- Abigail
Very proactively helpful cs
- Ian
Simon was extremely helpful in explaining the situation and getting it fixed!
- Thomas
ben was very helpful
- Jacob
Always fantastic service!! Thanks Austin!
- Olivia
Good reliable service
- Charles
Although im satisfied with your service. there are many instances where a lost signal for no apparent reason forces me to reboot my computer or while watching a movie on Netflix having to wait for a strong enough to continue. it's frustrating, but you wanted to know.
- Johnhitsos
Resolved although intermittent issues remain. Individual modems maybe?
- Angela
The technical support is fast & reliable. Great to work with.
- DonegalBayWestTisbury
Excellent Service! Quickly Resolved Issue and got me hard-wired. Thanks again
- John
Constant communication and excellent service. Thanks for the great work!
- Bradlee
Wish I could take the service with me to my new home.
- Kenner
Great job.
- James
With many connection problems and all the feedback between customer support. I appreciate the effort in trying to fix my connection issues. Although, issues still proceed I appreciate the support and friendly interactions even though I’ve been a little difficult.
- Nicodemus
Your agency is professional and very knowledgeable of technical issues. I appreciate this aspect of your work. Thank you.
- Virginia
Fast solution to the problem, once I got someone on the phone. But having had my initial calls dropped, twice, and the idiosyncrasies with router access themselves, bring the whole Blue Rim experience down a notch. Shouldn't require tech support to get an iPad and the router talking. Connection drops and is slow to reconnect on my desktop too. Did not have these issues with previous AT&T provider.
- Rick
Very good, very knowledgeable and responsive. Simon
- Josh
Good customer service.
- Amarilys
- Abdulelah
Thank you
- Tonya
He was very helpful and informed.
- Elizabeth
The support staff took care of my issue without any additional work from my end. I have always had great experiences with support from BlueRim. If I have the chance to use this service again in the future, I definitely will! Stay safe! Much Love.
- Keny
Simon has been very helpful. His follow up is excellent.
- Shaaron
Helped me resolve my issue.
- Karen
Justin went above and beyond to help me resolve my connectivity issues. Given that I had just moved in to the unit, neither he nor I were familiar with the existing wiring setup. However, he provided excellent support and guidance throughout the troubleshooting process.
- Karik
Great response time.
- Harrison
Very quick responses and very knowledgeable answers and explanations! Thanks.
- Shaaron
He was very thorough with his answers and was knowledgeable, a hard trait to find nowadays xD
- rmorenonv
You're awesome
- Valerie
- Jae
Always the best!
- OasisPalms
Had a problem initially, but once the team learned that a ticket hadn't been created for my issue, they went above and beyond to fix my problem. Thank you!
- Andrew
The speeds have been consistently great and the support far superior to Comcast. I wouldn’t say fantastic because my roommates had now idea how to troubleshoot the AP, and would have been much slower to identify the problem than myself who works in IT. I did troubleshooting as far as I could go to determine the issue with a broken AP or no data flowing into the apartment (it turned out to be the latter). If this had been identified on Blue Rim’s end then I would consider that fantastic. The service technician was great and amenable. However, needing to identify the problem myself and troubleshoot for hours and doing the ground work to get a technician over is too much on my end to justify the highest marks. Having to wait over a week for the repair/replacement while I had internet speeds at half what I pay for with a tedious per device like-in process is not great. Thanks for reading.
- Tom
5 stars, customer service on point!
- OasisPalms
To be honest the internet service is not the best but the customer service is always on track. Thank you, it makes our residents very happy to it gets to a solution right away.
- OasisPalms
Really a positive support experience. Ben was prompt, efficient and polite.
- Scott
Had to call twice as the first customer service representative was a bit inept, and wanted to charge me $100 for a service call. The second time was much smoother, the issue got elevated and was resolved a few hours later, even though I was told it could take up to 24 hours.
- Evan
I hate how often it goes out, but the customer service is fantastic. They get back to me and are good communicators.
- Lisa
great staff and patience
- Yuxuan
Quick response, helped me out
- Kalli
I think you've grown and learnt a lot since the beginning. Your response has always been good but you became way more professional in how you handle things. Good luck!
- Katarina
You're awesome!
- Valerie
Great customer service! But the network itself is horrible!
- Lori
Prompt, complete response.
- Ishtiaq
I appreciate that you provide quick responses.
- Sandra
Thanks. good job. Ishtiaq Qureshi 1224 PTC
- Ishtiaq
Thank you for your continued support
- Meghan
Quick and amazing service!
- Russell
Yes its working now. Thanks
- Boniface
Simon was extremely helpful and courteous. I was lucky enough to have two different interactions with him, once by email and once by phone, and he quickly helped me reach a solution on both occasions. Thanks so much, Simon!
- Zack
Very patient and helpful
- Nathalie
Very quick, knowledgeable and professional
- Shaaron
Agent was very helpful and nice! Loved him
- Nadia
Great customer service
- Bart
good service, swift response
- Josephine
Everything works fine except for playing video games online with multiple players. I dont even bother playing any games I have at the moment because it is too laggy. Other than that I have no complaints
- Salem
Thanks for being available around the clock for the vampires at night.
- Kania
Thank you for your superior service to me as I work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been nothing short of exceptional professionalism. Thank you much as always, Virginia Garrett Cason Estate Apt 1609
Simon was very friendly and helpful!
- Logan
- Josephine
Quick and friendly service!
- Ryan
Simon is highly knowledgeable and goes the extra mile to resolve complex issues.
- Olivia
We had a problem with our internet and BlueRim worked with us until they resolved the problem. Fast, friendly and efficient.
- Cheryl
prompt response having problem solved
- Josephine
Austin was very helpful and provided excellent service.
- Kathy
Everyone was very helpful and the issue was resolved within a sufficient timeframe!
- Andrea
Austin in C.S. was awesome in quick and thoughtful responses. I appreciated his thoroughness and help.
- Matthew
Great service
- gbfessenden
Very quick to respond. Friendly customer service. Great overall experience
- Jason
Great service
- gbfessenden
Brant was super helpful. My account was mysteriously deleted and he restored my account in a matter of minutes. Thank you!
- Kyle
- Tachjaree
Great rep, fast response
- Valerie
Fantastic tech support team A++++
- Michael
Simon was courteous and quick to resolve my double charge issue.
- John
I'm never afraid to tell my residents to call BLUERIM because they're always doing an amazing work.
- OasisPalms
My email question was responded quickly today. And, I was given great guidance on how to solve the issue.
- Kendrick
I wish the speed work better and faster
- Pedro
You guys did great! Wonderful and fast response! Thank you
- Alex
Good customer service, but poor internet quality
- Orrin
Sometimes I'm connected to xfinity in my own home, and I have to reconnect my internet.
- Kaitlynn
Easy to upgrade, fast service at 200 mbps
- Nathan
When I moved to Maple Valley, I was concerned that my internet wasn't going to be provided by one of the 2 companies I've used in the past. But I decided to give it a try. I've been pleasantly surprised by the speeds and the customer service always goes above and beyond. Thanks so much!
- Amber
Alex was super helpful and we got everything figured out!
- Zack
Very considerate
- Kaden
Quick response!
- Richelle
Very nice customer service and fast
- Sandra
Austin was professional and nice.
- Donna
Andrew was so knowledgeable and helped fix my router issue. Great service!
- Zachary
Resident called the office to let us know how great of a customer service BlueRim Provides, tahnk you! (:
- OasisPalms
The customer service is wonderful but the WiFi product goes down a couple times a month so it needs work.
- Raye
Other than the service cutting on and off a few times every month, it’s fantastic customer service.
- Raye
Simeon had great customer service skills! He was very professional and great at letting me know how things were going. He is very knowledgable and got the job done fast. Keep up the great work!
- Mendon
Anytime I email on behalf of my residents the response and resolution is quick and communication is great!
- Ashley
Excellent customer service and rapid response.
- Chris
Austin was prompt and thorough with his replies to me. EXCELLENT customer service!
- Chris
Blue Rim was awesome and resolved my issue within a couple hours. Thank you!!
- Tiana
3 times I needed a few questions answered. Each support rep was quick and resolved my issues/ answered my questions
- Keny
Justin was super helpful, and walked me through every step I needed to get connection working. He was very patient and answered all my questions. EXCELLENT customer service and knowledge.
- Text
They will work with you, when you're in a tight spot. You're not just another number to them.
- David
Justin was a great help, an issue arose but was resolved quickly and was followed up on to make sure that it was corrected.
- Evan
You guys take my concerns very seriously. I just wish it didn't mean there was a problem with hardware both our sides. You guys rock keep at it. Thank you.
- Nathan
Great job. It's working better than ever. Thanks for your great job
- Brent
Thanks guys
- Jim
Things are going great now let's hope it stays that way. Thanks Brent
- Brent
Everything working well on this end. Have a great day
- Jim
Dude was great!
- Jason
Simon was diligent and kept working till the problem was fixed
- Ashleigh
Thanks for fixing it, good internet!
- Hilda
Everything is fine working good
- Tanairi
The customer service has been great and definitely seem to care about their clients. The updates have been awesome! Thank you
- Matthew
Very impressed with the customer service. Thank you for giving me an update on the issue at Maple Valley.
- Jaden
very quick response. Customer service is great, but if the service didn't go down every few weeks I wouldn't know that.
- Abraham
Very quick to resolve issues. I really appreciate the help
- Maddy
The online chat was very quick and helpful. I worked with Austin Fry and he got my problem fixed in less than five minutes! It was very helpful. The texting is quite a bit slower.
- Kyle
Exceptional service!
- Matthew
Great and fast. Thank you!
- Thomas
The issue was taken care of in a good and timely manner and the technician was very polite and helpful.
- Makayla
They did exactly what I asked! Super easy! Yay!
- Jessica
Simon was great!
- Carol
You guys are amazing and very helpful. 10/10
- Austin
Blue rim has been super awesome for us but it was a little slow on the internet side for the amount of people and devices we had on our internet. The customer service has been nothing short of fantastic though!
- Ty
I like that you have no data caps so I don't have to sit there be like am I over am I over.
- Masaki
Everyone I dealt with was very thorough! And very quick! Thank you so much.
- Tricia
thank you!
- Mike
Great Service
- OasisPalms
Alex Moore was incredibly professional, kind, patient and helpful. He really took the time to figure out what was happening (seriously, over an hour of troubleshooting). Give that guy a gold star because up to this point I was really frustrated with BlueRim and others I have talked to on the phone. He fixed the problem and now I am a happy customer. Thanks, Alex!
- Taylor
In the end you guys the best internet service provider I had in US. Thank you!
- Mike
Very responsive and helpful!
- Carolyn
Great service! Thanks for the quick reply and answers.
- Ian
Great responsiveness to emails and calls. Love the friendly tech support.
- Ian
It’s been good. I think it only really had a bad connection once but I have not been using the internet at home as much as previous weeks
- Cole-wiliams
Thanks for all your work my TV has never been so good. I hope it will remain great
- Brent
Simon was extremely helpful and friendly! Very pleased with their service!!
- Corrine
Customer service is great. However, the internet service is not that great.
- Colette
Customer Service is on pointe(:
- OasisPalms
Always on point!
- OasisPalms
Great service, thanks so much
- Kylee
Andrew was great. He responded quickly and resolved my issue in short time
- Mark
When my issue was escalated to a technician who had access to solve the problem, they kept me well informed and worked with me to really make sure the issue was permanently resolved.
- UT
Until I spoke to Justin the service was average at best, but he genuinely made me feel that he wanted to sort my issue out. Great guy, great service. *****
- Raymond
You guys did great and responded very quickly so I’m very impressed. Thank you very much!
- Brighton
Simon was totally awesome! Did not give ip. Worked with the Amazon rep and I was able to use my Alexa!😊
- Rocio
Very fast and helpful service!
- Madison
Great customer satisfaction and speedy service.
- Andrea
Things are going great thanks for working on their problem. Feel free to send me a check .thanks brent
- Brent
I thank so much you are trying to solve the problem.
- Jose
Response time was very quick and friendly. Problem was fixed within a day.
- Macey
Excellent and patient service. Super satisfied.
- Samantha
- Allan
- Jonas
We've really enjoy having your service. Thank you for the fantastic customer service
- Jeanie
- Masaki
Thanks for taking care of our issues. It’s working so much better now!
- Samantha
Immediate response to my error. Thank you.
- Weston
Brant is always quick to respond to any trouble I may be having. Thanks for all your help!
- Odell
I have confirmed that the WIFI works now. Thank you!
- Hanwei0316
Working with the best.
- OasisPalms
Honestly customer Service with BLUERIM IS ON POINT!
- OasisPalms
All of my issues upon activation were fixed quickly and they were very helpful with any questions I had
- Jordan
I am never satisfied with the WIFI connection status and answers.But I am very satisfied with the customer service.
- Masaki
It took a week to fix, but overall I am grateful for the professionalism and persistence of all involved to solve the issue. Thank you.
- Kaylee
Thank you!
- Lloyd
The BlueRim causes the same problem every time.You have been avsolved these problem soon.I ask the root cause of these problems every time, but you never answer.You should answer and clrify to me about root cause .
- Masaki
Very quick to respond and helped me solve my issue quick
- Caitlin
When I had a problem getting my TV to work, the Bluerim support team was very helpful. I appreciate them for that
- Huero
Great service fast net speed cheap cable that’s actually dope lol they got it
- David