Andrew was great. He responded quickly and resolved my issue in short time
- Mark
When my issue was escalated to a technician who had access to solve the problem, they kept me well informed and worked with me to really make sure the issue was permanently resolved.
- UT
Until I spoke to Justin the service was average at best, but he genuinely made me feel that he wanted to sort my issue out. Great guy, great service. *****
- Raymond
You guys did great and responded very quickly so I’m very impressed. Thank you very much!
- Brighton
Simon was totally awesome! Did not give ip. Worked with the Amazon rep and I was able to use my Alexa!😊
- Rocio
Very fast and helpful service!
- Madison
Great customer satisfaction and speedy service.
- Andrea
Things are going great thanks for working on their problem. Feel free to send me a check .thanks brent
- Brent
I thank so much you are trying to solve the problem.
- Jose
Response time was very quick and friendly. Problem was fixed within a day.
- Macey
Excellent and patient service. Super satisfied.
- Samantha
- Allan
- Jonas
We've really enjoy having your service. Thank you for the fantastic customer service
- Jeanie
- Masaki
Thanks for taking care of our issues. It’s working so much better now!
- Samantha
Immediate response to my error. Thank you.
- Weston
Brant is always quick to respond to any trouble I may be having. Thanks for all your help!
- Odell
I have confirmed that the WIFI works now. Thank you!
- Hanwei0316
Working with the best.
- OasisPalms
Honestly customer Service with BLUERIM IS ON POINT!
- OasisPalms
All of my issues upon activation were fixed quickly and they were very helpful with any questions I had
- Jordan
I am never satisfied with the WIFI connection status and answers.But I am very satisfied with the customer service.
- Masaki
It took a week to fix, but overall I am grateful for the professionalism and persistence of all involved to solve the issue. Thank you.
- Kaylee
Thank you!
- Lloyd
The BlueRim causes the same problem every time.You have been avsolved these problem soon.I ask the root cause of these problems every time, but you never answer.You should answer and clrify to me about root cause .
- Masaki
Very quick to respond and helped me solve my issue quick
- Caitlin
When I had a problem getting my TV to work, the Bluerim support team was very helpful. I appreciate them for that
- Huero
Great service fast net speed cheap cable that’s actually dope lol they got it
- David
They keep me updated on everything. I love it.
- OasisPalms
Rep was very polite and made sure I was satisfied and all my questions answered before hanging up
- Nordiel
- Jonas
Thank you so much for all ur help!
- Areli
I appreciate the professionalism and continued updates of service. Everyone I spoke with was very helpful.
- Geneva
Kade and Simon have been stellar in supporting an unusual issue I was having with Bluerim networks. I asked for a technical implementation above and beyond the normal customer technical issues and both support reps worked with me on the issue for a few months trying to pin down a network issue. Both would regularly check in with me during testing and configuration changes. Both are a credit to Bluerim networks and were very patient with an issue they could have easily said is outside the scope of what Bluerim provides. I am greatly appreciative of their knowledge and dedication to supporting my technical needs. Please ensure they are recognized for the credit to Bluerim networks that they are. Jack Permison (former) CCNA, MCSE, CISSP
- Jack
- Fabian
Simon and Brant were very helpful and fixed the issue quickly.
- Jeff
Great service!
- Nicholas
Simon is a great guy! Gave me quick feedback and followed up to make sure I got the help I needed.
- Gunnar
understandable and well communicated
- Mike
great communication - solved problem
- Mike
Responded within minutes to resolve issue, fantastic service!
- Allan
Thank you for your timely response and understanding!
- Katie
Thanks, Jake for working all day on a Sunday.
- Sandra
Thanks for an update.
- Sandra
Great customer service, unfortunately we still have internet problems playing games while during high use times like 8-10 but that happens with every internet service.
- Mitch
He got me where I was needing to add my printer to my network
- Felecia
Prompt resolution, and great customer service
- Alison
Thank you for your hard work guys!
- Mike
I liked the quick response
- Allan
They were more patient and helpful than most for a person like me that doesn’t know how to do computer stuff.
- Charles
Very friendly and took care of my request promptly.
- Brian
Great technical support.
- Lennox
Great at replying and taking care of my residents.
- OasisPalms
Andrew was great with answering my questions and giving instructions!
- Rosetirado05
I emailed you guys at 7:53 pm and got the response I was looking for from Simon at 7:56. Awesome!
- Mark
Simon was a HUGE help! He walked me through getting better speed for one of my devices. Awesome customer service. 5 stars for Simon!
- Liz
Every time I have a question it gets answered promptly. Mad respect for that. The internet can be a little sketch at times but I’m using the free package so I guess you get what you pay for. Overall solid customer service.
- Ryan
Following up on earlier issues and questions. Got quick answer via LIVE CHAT. Thanks
- Kenneth
Thank you for the quick and helpful response!
- Nicholas
The tech man was very patient and nice. Very helpful.
- Susannorgren
I’m very happy with BlueRim Networks customer support. They have always been responsive to my messages about outages, billing, troubleshooting, and more. We were billed a few extra times after we moved, and they were prompt and professional in cancelling service and issuing appropriate refunds. I have rarely seen this level of quality customer service, well done.
- Devan
I greatly appreciate the prompt replies and direct help and solutions to my problems.
- Alexis
Nice work
- Sen
Kade was able to identify the underlying problem quickly and efficiently, even though it wasn't a normal problem. He trusted in what I was saying and came to the solution rather than believe it was a more common problem.
- Derrick
Great service!
- Kareem
Issue was resolved quickly.
- Brenda
Very helpful in troubleshooting and solving problems
- Babajide
Movies on Netflix seem to freeze every few minutes.....? Seems like a lag Spike..? I don't know...
- Michael
Very responsive, no hoops to jump to get what i needed resolved
- Steve
Fast responding. And solution to the problem
As usual, Simon was great. Wonderful customer service.
- Donna
Quick response to change of plan. Thanks!
- Justin
Thank you!
- Andrew
fantastic and quick service. went above and beyond to make up for my troubles. refunded me for a double charge on my account and sent me money for my troubles. this is how customer service should be
- Damian
Swift response and helpful
- Josephine
Alex was very quick to resolve my issue. I am sad to leave this service.
- Christopher
Sup guys, how's it going? Hope tickets are low enough so y'all can relax! See ya!
- landon
Great follow-up! Thank you!
- Francisca
Communicating with precise instructions and quick solution very helpful! Person in chat room very knowledgeable (Simon). Thank you!
- Francisca
Very knowledgeable about his product great job resolving my problem
- Ray
Alex was very helpful and fast. Thanks to him.
- Salem
Excellent personalized help to get connected. Very patient and knowledgeable. Good experience I recommend using this service if available to you.
- Denny
Simon was extremely dedicated to solving my issue and making sure my internet was running and also being friendly and professional.
- Cameron
Did what I needed super quick
- Boomeroni
I would like to acknowledge the excellent customer service I received from the Blue Rim Techs. I spoke with Simon,Andrew and Landon on different occasions with different questions. I called several times and I was not disappointment in their willingness to support me and and answer any questions. Well done men, thank you for caring.
- Georgiann
great customer service!
- Lindsey
Blue rim not only has a great service, but amazing customer service. I recently moved from my apartment that I had BlueRim at, but couldn't figure out my log in info to cancel. I replied to an email from my last payment and Simon helped me out instantly! And he was super friendly too. Thanks for the years of awesome internet service, and thanks Simon! :)
- Amanda
If there was a double fantastic I would have clicked it. Patient with lots of suggestios to resolve my problem
- Kenneth
Thank you for your quick response and kindly support.
- Masaki
Quick responses and very helpful
- Allan
Very kind and very helpful, although you were unable to resolve my issue, you managed to give me ideas on how to fix the problem. Thank you!
- Felicia
Alex was very helpful. Thank you!
- Chikako
agentbgave me some specific options that I am still testing. will know more on efficacy in a couple of days thx
- Kenneth
My point on reporting the most recent outage was just to keep everyone informed and set an appropriate expectation for time of resolution. This outage was clearly related to Comcast / Xfinity maintenance and not caused by BlueRim. Wayne
- H
Quick, simple, and effective help when I needed it
- Wesley
Thanks for the helpful employees and the quick actions to fix the issue I was having.
- Jeff
Rep hung in there with my query and figured out a solve to my issue. Was nice and timely in responding to emails. I appreciate it :)
- Valerie
The individual who reached out to me repeatedly allowed me to find the right information to resolve my problem. His patience and kindness when I showed a severe lack of understanding were appreciated. Thank you very much.
- Eric
While the issue is unresolved, Kade has done everything in his power to get it resolved. At this point we are waiting for the issue to repeat so we can do a packet test. Thank you for sticking with me on this Kade, you've been awesome!
- Nathaniel
Great customer support!
- Jeff
I appreciate the quick and thorough response that was easy to understand also. Thank you!
- Sharon
Thank you for your quick and accurate responses. They were very helpful.
- Allan
Question answered and resolved quickly.
- Shane
Self resolved
- Cody
The technician was very knowledgeable and helped me solve the problem. I appreciate the text option as it's more convenient with our busy schedules.
- Susen
Always a good experience talking to your team, thanks !
- John
Very fast response time and fixed my issue perfectly.
- Austin
The last technician did an amazing job. I appreciate his persistence.
- Yarelis
CustomerService Reps are awesome. Wish I could say the same about the network. I was sold by apt complex that this forced connection was top of the line and would be ready when I moved in on May 14th, it took me this long to get it functioning correctly.
- Margaret
We had an issue with creating an account. Landon was super helpful and quickly created our account himself. Great customer service!
- Alysa
Landon is a great technician and provides great customer service. He is knowledgable and provides timely feedback. Kenny Moss
- Kenny
Tech was helpful, polite, and straightforward. Made dealing with the issue much less frusturating.
- Thomas
Simon was fast and helpful
- Derek
Easy setup and very responsive help. Simon answered multiple questions regarding my Xbox and Alexa.
- Steve
Thanks for the quick response.
- Allan
Speedy and thorough response from Simon via email support! Thanks!
- Jamie
Thanks for being so persistent with getting the issue resolved! Yeah, it took a little doing, but perseverance goes a long way!
- Weston
Quick and good
- Ruby
Friendly committed staff kept working until the problem was resolved.
- Vicki
great service
- Jose
Nothing but good things to say about this team!
- Express
Customer service is amazing!!!
- Nina
Worked with me through tough problem that took long time great employee thanks for the help
- Kurtis
You were able to immediately resolve my internet problem and you did not charge me for your help.
- Mark
Very impressed with two follow up telephone calls
- Charlotte
Quick response even at night—it was helpful
- Stephen
- Lindsay
Kade was helpful, thanks
- Derek
Good job really appreciate all your help!
- Dan
Andrew Holmes went out of his way to find me an answer. Thanks!
- Sandra
Great response time!
- Taylor
Andrew Holmes was great! He did the research & learned we were blacklisted by Vudu.
- Sandra
You are awesome!!!
- Debra
The techs are very responsive and follow up on concerns as needed.
- Patrick
I needed to set up a new account for my new apartment and the employees responded quickly and was very helpful
- Cassi
The problem solving process is good.If response faster, will be better.
- Sean
- Mingxu
Great customer service
- Zion
The support has helped and answered everything. Great support!
- Clint
Helped me super fast with no issues!
- Danielmarioramos
I was so delighted with the service given good job
- Carter
Very prompt and friendly.
- Steven
The text support is a great feature. Always friendly and quick responses. Would recommend for sure.
- Tim
Landon and Brant were amazing, extremely helpful and showed concern with my issue and did not stop until it had been resolved.
- Leo
Wonderful. Nice and professional and fast despite me being upset in the beginning
- Glw008
Kept in contact with me the whole time. They were very pleasant despite me being angry initially. Great customer service
- Glw008
Kade was the only person to respond to my email & Kade if ur up for the challenge maybe U can help me get my tv hooked up too. I can’t find whatever the number is to watch the tv. I have a Sony Bravia model#KDL-40EX400
- Katie
That Tyler guy is a shining example of perfection in the customer service industry.
- Tyler
I received a prompt response that answered my question and totally resolved my concerns. Thanks!
- Sam
Everything is great. I received a quick reply to my question and that was great thank you.
- Jared
The employee who answered got back to me quickly and they were very to the point. Appreciate it.
- Nathan
I have always received kind and courteous customer service with immediate resolution to my request - whether by phone, email/texting, or in my home. I count on this business to run my business from home. The upload/download speeds are consistent with little, if no oscillation in speed guarantee. Cheers!
- Trina
Service was adequate.
- Bryce
Customer service has been very helpful and responsive. The bluerim-SOS wifi infra is still garbage though.
- Cody
Great response time and my issue was fixed!
- Suzanne
- Shayler
Good tech
- Veronica
- Lindsay
Whenever I've needed help I had someone get back to me very quickly, they're extremely helpful, and make customer support a painless experience! Thank you for being awesome!
- Rachel
Thank you for the quick response.
- Masako
The service is very helpful. Love it.
- Jun
Very prompt and effective ticket response. Thank you!
- Roger
My last technician on my ticket deserves all the praise In the world. He was amazing and spent over an hour with me, he even helped me set up my router when he didn’t have to
- Mary
Quick response. Great service.
- Christopher
Fantastic job. No complaints
- Vernon
Great company! Personable and well trained staff who get their job done effectively and efficiently.
- Trina
Great customer service and support. Internet has never let me down. I highly recommend Blue Rim Network to family & friends. 😁
- Christopher
My name is Vernon Whitehorse apt 933
- Whitehorse
Everything is good and service was face. Customer support was fantastic
- Whitehorse
Blue Rim Networks is great to work with! They are friendly, knowledgeable and they are amazingly quick to respond and help. Thanks, Blue Rim Team!
- Vacation
Kade Allen was awesome!!! Excellent service and very helpful through my whole process can's say enough! Thank you.
- Samuel
The best...Thanks!
- Jeff
On 01/18/19, I called their customer service dept a total of 3 times. And the gentlemen that I spoke to were very polite and respectful. Especially the last rep I spoke to, Keep up the great work!!!
- Rebecca
Replies were very fast and were understandable. Any question that I had was answered in a way that made sense. Great Service!
- Jonathon
Great...I love it..
- David
It says we get 80 Meg up and down. We never do. And I call a lot, they fix it but it only lasts like 4 days
- Josh
no throttling, reliable, no downtime, decent price, what more could you ask for?
- raymond blair
The speeds are great and the network is reliable about 89% of the time.
- Josh
The very best. We love that Zach was so patient, kind, and knew the pilots phonetic alphabet! He is awesome!
- Jleaphar
When there’s an outage it would helpful to see something on the website that shows areas impacted.
- Angela
Helped me with my NAT type! Awesome help!
- Andrew
Nice customer service, knowledgeable, to the point, quick response, and fixed the problem!
- Jared
Andrew was super helpful and solved all my problems.
- Tristan